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Month: October 2013

Mayor’s City Builder Award – Ms. Laura Bouchard

Mayor Jim Watson and Ward Councillor Peter Clark, today presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Ms. Laura Bouchard for her dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to providing residents of Ottawa with local, organic, and secure food sources. Laura Bouchard is described by those who know her as a visionary. She believed that people within cities could live differently by taking unused land and making it productive and sustainable by growing vegetables and selling them to…
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Mayor’s Remarks: Stage 2

CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Thank you all for coming. I’ve invited you here today to talk about how our city will grow and the fundamental tool that public transit offers us for intelligent planning. And how – if we are smart – we can use our public transit investments to make sure our transportation system will serve Ottawa as we grow in the years to come. This Council began its term by fundamentally taking the reins…
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