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Month: February 2019

Lynne Stacey receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

Mayor Jim Watson, with Councillors Matthew Luloff and Stephen Blais, presented a Mayor’s City Builder Award to Lynne Stacey at City Council today, in recognition of her dedication to her community and volunteering. Ms. Stacey has been heavily involved in her Queenswood Heights neighbourhood since she moved there in 1977. She has been a pianist at Queenswood United Church for the past 40 years. Her love of music led her to organize the Cumberland Community…
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Dylan Black receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

The Mayor with Councillors Allan Hubley and Rick Chiarelli, presented a Mayor’s City Builder Award to Dylan Black for his philanthropy. Local radio and TV personality Dylan Black is a humanitarian and philanthropist who supports many great causes. He has supported the Max Keeping fund at CHEO and The Children’s Wish Foundation for years. He has raised over $15,000 through various Movember campaigns and more than $3,700 for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Mr.…
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City holds technical briefing on Stage 2 LRT and the Preferred Proponents

Ottawa – City of Ottawa officials held a technical briefing today to outline the results on the Stage 2 LRT procurement. The technical briefing was accompanied by a report that outlines the results of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for Council approval. The report will go to Committee of the Whole for consideration on February 27 to hear public delegations on this matter, and Council on March 6. Once approved, construction will begin in…
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Budget 2019 builds a city with more affordable housing, better roads and sidewalks, expanded transit and safer communities

Ottawa – Draft Budget 2019, tabled today at City Council, is a prudent financial plan that ramps up investments to build more affordable housing, close Ottawa’s infrastructure gap, expand public transit service and enhance the safety of Ottawa’s communities. In 2019, the City is looking to invest $15 million to build more affordable housing for residents. This funding will allow the City to start construction on about 125 new affordable housing units this year. Should…
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