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Year: 2019

Statement by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson following today’s tabling of the Government of Canada’s 2019 Budget

ʺToday’s budget builds on the federal government’s previous commitment to working with municipalities to deliver positive and significant outcomes for residents in the areas of infrastructure, affordable housing, transit and the environment. Continued infrastructure investments are crucial. In particular, a long-term, predictable and permanent public transit fund is essential to providing stability and facilitating long-term city-building. I am extremely pleased with the one time doubling of the federal gas tax funds. This will mean an…
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City launches the development of its Women and Gender Equity Strategy

Ottawa – At the Mayor’s annual International Women’s Day breakfast, Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Theresa Kavanagh, Council’s first Liaison for Women and Gender Equity, launched the City’s Women and Gender Equity Strategy. The Strategy will be developed for Council to implement in 2020. The City will be holding a public forum within the next six months to solicit resident feedback and ideas relating to women’s issues and gender equity. The 2019 budget has allocated…
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Council approves Budget 2019 and Stage 2 light-rail transit

Ottawa –  Council today approved the budget for 2019 and Stage 2 light-rail transit, allowing construction of the City’s O-Train network expansion to begin this year. The approved Budget 2019 makes investments to build more affordable housing, close Ottawa’s infrastructure gap, expand public transit service and enhance the safety of Ottawa’s communities. “Council has approved a financial plan for this year that is prudent and affordable, and will make needed investments to close the City’s…
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Bereaved Families of Ontario – Ottawa Region receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

Mayor Jim Watson and Somerset Ward Councillor Catherine McKenney presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Mary Ellen Henniger and Barb Hayduk, two volunteer representatives of Bereaved Families of Ontario – Ottawa Region, at City Council today, in recognition of their support for grieving families. Bereaved Families of Ontario – Ottawa Region helps families grieve the loss of loved ones. When diagnosed with a terminal disease, many individuals deal with pain and suffering and cut…
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Lynne Stacey receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

Mayor Jim Watson, with Councillors Matthew Luloff and Stephen Blais, presented a Mayor’s City Builder Award to Lynne Stacey at City Council today, in recognition of her dedication to her community and volunteering. Ms. Stacey has been heavily involved in her Queenswood Heights neighbourhood since she moved there in 1977. She has been a pianist at Queenswood United Church for the past 40 years. Her love of music led her to organize the Cumberland Community…
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