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Speech to the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce

Let me begin by congratulating the new chair of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Mr. David Donaldson and thanking Tim Redpath, your outgoing chair. This is my first major speech since being sworn in on December 1st. Over the past six weeks, this Council has already shown it can come together in a spirit of cooperation to effect the change that Ottawa voted for. There is a real sense of collaboration already apparent. A new…
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Inaugural Address

It is with the deepest gratitude and humility that I stand before you today From Cumberland to Constance Bay…From Hintonburg to Osgoode and beyond. On October 25th, the people of Ottawa took the time to debate and question – to deliberate and to decide our collective future. And tonight, we gather together to mark the beginning of an important journey for our community and its people.It was an honour to participate in this election and I thank…
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