I am delighted that the Government of Canada has indicated that it will provide $1 billion in funding for Ottawa’s Stage 2 light rail transit project. We have created an excellent partnership for the Confederation Line, and I am pleased this will continue as we work to extend LRT farther east, west and south with Stage 2.
Today, City Council approved its priorities for the 2014-2018 term, several of which fulfill election commitments made by Mayor Jim Watson. The City of Ottawa will continue on the path of stability and progress for the next four years by investing in key areas such as light rail transit, affordable housing, road safety, and economic development.“I’m pleased that City Council is united behind priorities that will deliver a more vibrant, compassionate, and sustainable city,” said Mayor Watson.
Dear colleagues,I have had the opportunity to read the staff report on the Ward Boundary Review. It is a long report, and somewhat technical, which is to be expected given the topic, but a few elements of the report struck me immediately, namely:
Ottawa – The City of Ottawa released the Stage 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) Environmental Assessment and Functional Design Report today, as part of the agenda for the June 29 meeting of the Finance and Economic Development Committee. The report details the functional design of the east, west and south LRT extensions, and confirms that Stage 2 remains within the City of Ottawa’s affordability model.
Ottawa – Residents are invited to a one-hour budget primer session on June 24, offering a look at how the City of Ottawa spends and how the annual municipal budget is put together.City Treasurer Marian Simulik and Deputy City Treasurer