Ottawa - The Ottawa Police Services Board is pleased to announce that it has selected Edward (Ed) Keeley, currently Executive Officer and Superintendent – Office of the Chief Directorate, as Deputy Chief of the Ottawa Police Service. Effective immediately, he will fill the position that became vacant in March when Charles Bordeleau was appointed Chief of Police. His appointment is the culmination of an internal search conducted by the Police Services Board over the past two months.
Ottawa – The City of Ottawa today announced that it has received Federal Environmental Assessment approval for the Ottawa Light Rail Transit (OLRT) project.Work to achieve Federal Environmental Assessment approval began in earnest in March 2010. With this announcement the federal government now joins the provincial government, which granted its environmental assessment approval in August 2010.
Ottawa - Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Stephen Blais, today formally named the splash pad at Portobello Park in remembrance of Jérémie J. Audette. At the young age of two, Jérémie drowned tragically in a backyard pool at a private daycare. His sudden death both stunned and saddened the community.
Ottawa – Today City Council approved the investment of $1 million in additional funds to increase tree planting and injection activities as part of the City’s Emerald Ash Borer Strategy.“Residents have clearly expressed a desire for the City to take more aggressive action to combat Emerald Ash Borer“, said Mayor Watson. “Ottawa was one of the first cities to have an Ash Borer Strategy and now, thanks to the additional funds approved by Council today, we have the resources to be even more proactive.”
Ottawa - City Council today approved creation of a new Lobbyist Registry and establishment of an Integrity Commissioner to oversee the registry and to assist in the establishment of a Code of Conduct, Expense Policy and Gifts Registry for Members of Council.These initiatives are key elements in governance renewal at City Hall intended to make municipal government more transparent and accountable. 
Ottawa - Today the City released three reports on the next steps in improving accountability at City Hall and renewing the City’s Advisory Committees. These reports will be addressed at a special Joint Meeting of the Governance Renewal Sub-Committee and the Finance and Economic Development Committee on July 6, 2012. 
Ottawa – The City’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) will focus on unsafe heavy vehicles and impaired drivers during the month of July. Unsafe vehicles: In 2010, 181 reportable collisions on Ottawa roadways involved unsafe vehicles – resulting in 58 injuries; six were life-threatening and two were fatalities. Causes of these collisions included defective brakes, steering, tires, lights, engine controls, trailer hitches, suspension, as well as obscured vision. 
Mayor Jim Watson will welcome up to 2,000 seniors to the Mayor’s Annual Canada Day Celebration for Seniors on Sunday, July 1 at the Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park. The Canada Day celebration gets underway at 8 a.m. and includes breakfast, entertainment by the Grey Jazz Band and Doug and Pam Champagne, as well as draws for a number of door prizes.
Ottawa – City Council today authorized OC Transpo to extend the ECOPASS program agreements with employers for one year pending full implementation of the PRESTO system.Council also approved that ECOPASS fares rise 2.5 per cent from 2011-2012 rates to $84.56 per month for regular ECOPASS customers and $104.55 per month for express ECOPASS.OC Transpo is working with its partner employers to ensure a smooth re-enrolment process for those customers who have already discontinued their ECOPASS participation.