CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY *** Good morning. It is my pleasure to provide some remarks as we table our first budget of the term. To begin, I would like to thank Members of Council again for their insight and input into the budget process. I appreciate you passing along your ward’s priorities on behalf of local families and businesses. Few people know our communities’ needs better than our City Councillors, which is why your involvement is so important.
Thank you very much, Rosemary / Greg.My thanks to the West Ottawa Board of Trade, your Chair, Greg Weatherdon, and your Executive Director, Rosemary Leu, for inviting me to join you this morning.It is wonderful to see many familiar faces here today.First off, I would like to extend my best wishes for the New Year to all of you and your families.I hope the holidays provided opportunities to spend time with friends and family, and re-energize for the year ahead.
Thank you, Nicole.Good afternoon everyone.On behalf of the City of Ottawa and my colleagues on City Council, it is my pleasure to join you today for the Council on Aging of Ottawa’s annual spring luncheon.I extend my thanks to Cal Martell, President of the Council on Aging of Ottawa, for having me here today.Also recognize:Councillor Mark Taylor;Councillor Rick Chiarelli;Councillor David Chernushenko.Canadians have known for some time that, as a population, we are getting older.
***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY*** I want to thank the Economic Club of Canada for the invitation. About two years ago, the City of Ottawa sought to get ahead of the curve in preparation for Canada’s 150th birthday. As a first step, we assembled a 2017 Task Force… …a group of Ottawa’s best business and community leaders, who would work together and develop a strategy for success. 
  [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] Good morning and Happy New Year.This morning, I want to speak about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going as a city.Because what takes place at City Hall this year will be a direct result of the actions we’ve taken around this table over the last three years.And when you look back, those actions have been substantial.
“A Year of Action” [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] I want to welcome you to the first Council meeting of our third year together. The State of the City is a chance for us to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. And on this front – we have much to be proud of – and much to look forward to. I want to thank you all for your tir
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.I am very pleased to be here this morning to welcome you to this special event and officially proclaim today AccessAbility Day here in the City of Ottawa.I want to recognize my Council colleagues and senior staff who are with us today:·      Councillor Quadri;·      Councillor El-Chantiry;·      Councillor Chernushenko;·      Councillor Deans; and,