• Still time to enjoy the summer of Ottawa 2017

    Ottawa – On the heels of this past weekend’s successful event, Canada’s Table, Ottawa 2017, in collaboration with lead partner CIBC, wishes to remind residents and visitors that there is still time to enjoy two other hit Signature Events of the summer: Inspiration Village and Kontinuum. 


    Daily, noon – 8 pm, until September 4 (Free)

    ByWard Market

    This artistic installation of 41 sea containers is an ephemeral entertainment locale featuring free special exhibits, demonstrations, inspirational guest speakers and performances showcasing Canadian culture and Canada’s provinces and territories.

    The final weekend will be action-packed with activities and performances in a highly festive atmosphere. View details online.


    Daily, 10 am – 10 pm, until September 14 (Free tickets or walk-ups welcome anytime)

    300 Sparks St.

    Created and produced by the Ottawa 2017 Bureau and Moment Factory, this impressive world-first subterranean multimedia production, powered by Bell, takes place in the Lyon Station of the yet to be opened Light Rail Transit (LRT) system.

    The story premise for Kontinuum: An Underground Journey Through Time is that a crevice in the fabric of reality was discovered during excavation of the LRT tunnel. Since this discovery, inexplicable electromagnetic waves have been appearing in and around the tunnel, captivating the imagination of passersby. It is an immersive, dynamic and moving experience, using the full 500-metre length of the station, where participants will be exposed to the hidden frequencies of the material world.


    Positive reviews are still coming in about La Machine and survey results show why. The North-American debut captivated the hearts and imaginations of audiences with its travelling urban theatre in the streets of downtown Ottawa. More than 750,000 participants saw Long Ma and Kumo as they roamed the capital over four days. Of the spectators surveyed, 33% were visitors to Ottawa. The show entitled “The Spirit of the Dragon-Horse, With Stolen Wings” had an approval rating of 96%.


    Canada’s Table                                           A sold-out dinner for 1000 people with a 99% satisfaction rate.
    Ottawa Welcomes the World                   Over 170,000 visitors so far with more than a dozen events to come; far exceeding the original objective by more than double
    Red Bull Global Rallycross                        More than 12,000 enthusiastic spectators, 31% of which were visitors, with a 93% satisfaction rate for the event
    Picnic on the Bridge                                   Of the 2500 picnic-goers, 34% were from out of town, with an 82% satisfaction rate for the picnic/
    Sky Lounge                                                 More than 3000 participants with a 98% satisfaction rate
    Agri 150                                                       11 rural events enjoyed so far with 10 still to come
    Ignite 150                                                    19 events so far with more than a dozen to go
    Arts, Culture and Heritage Program        5 projects so far with another 9 ongoing or to come
    Civic Events                                                 43 community celebrations so far with another 6 to go

    The results of Ottawa 2017 events are activations across the city, in every single ward, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

    Ottawa 2017 thanks its lead partner CIBC, premier partner Bell, the Government of Ontario (www.ontario.ca/150 #ontario150) and the Government of Canada (www.canada.ca/150 #canada150) for their contributions in helping to deliver twelve full months of bold events, immersive experiences and all-out celebrations.

    Photos for media use, courtesy Ottawa 2017: https://www.flickr.com/photos/138710500@N02/

    Videos for media use, courtesy Ottawa 2017: https://vimeo.com/ottawa2017/albums

    To download the free Ottawa 2017 App, visit: The App Store, Google Play or Ottawa2017.ca.

    Stay informed on plans for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations in the capital. Visit ottawa2017.ca, follow us on Twitter @2017ottawa (#Ottawa2017) and on Facebook.

  • Statement from Mayor Watson regarding the appointment of Mr. Patrick Lin as Special Advisor on Canada-China relations

    ‘’Since 1999, the City of Ottawa has maintained a special relationship with the City of Beijing, China, which is to this day Ottawa’s only Sister City. I signed this original agreement in 1999 as Mayor of the former City of Ottawa.

    I value this relationship and have led a number of economic delegations to China over my years as Mayor. I have deliberately chosen to prioritize and invest in only one Sister City agreement in order to ensure that this relationship receives the attention it deserves and truly serves the interests of both cities, as well as those of our economic development partners who contribute greatly to its success.

    That said, I believe this relationship could be strengthened. Just this year, we have seen an increase in activity resulting from this partnership, which has positively impacted our city. We were proud to host a visit of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra to the NAC in February; Long Ma, the dragon-horse from La Machine, was commissioned by a Chinese philanthropist and lent to us for the performance; and in October, Ottawa will host a large Chinese delegation for Beijing Week, which will take place October 4 to 8 at Lansdowne Park as part of Ottawa 2017’s Ottawa Welcomes the World series.

    In preparation for this great event in October, and in order to strengthen our relationship with Beijing going forward, I have decided to appoint Mr. Patrick Lin as my Special Advisor on Canada-China relations, a role he will be filling on a volunteer basis.

    Mr. Lin was instrumental in bringing the Beijing Symphony Orchestra to Ottawa this winter, and is one of the main organizers of the upcoming Beijing Week at Lansdowne. He is a long-time resident of Ottawa with deep Chinese roots, and his knowledge of the culture, business and political circles will benefit the City of Ottawa and our local businesses wishing to leverage this Sister City partnership. My hope is that Mr. Lin will provide us with the advice required to engage Ottawa in cultural, tourism and business reciprocity with Beijing to the benefit our community and its residents.’’

    – Jim Watson, Mayor, City of Ottawa

  • Ottawa 2017 welcomes Bell as Premier Partner, announces La Machine – a North American first coming to Ottawa

    I am proud to announce that Bell is joining Ottawa 2017 at a Premier Partner and as the Official Media Partner for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations in the nation’s capital. Together, we announced an Ottawa 2017 Signature Event. A North American first, La Machine will captivate audiences with its ambulatory urban theatre on the streets of downtown Ottawa next summer. Watch this video, courtesy of La Machine, for a glimpse of their larger than life production: https://vimeo.com/168814587

    Read the complete Ottawa 2017 News Release.